Our Mission

  • Sharmy Low Gardens is dedicated to being a customer centric company,
  • delivering effective, efficient and respectful horticultural services with integrity and
  • accountability using both proven and innovative methods.

Our Vision

  • To make Sharmy Low Gardens the horticultural service provider of choice
  • To build, establish and retain ongoing customer relationships and
  • Add value not only to homes but also to all our stakeholders lives through the experience offered.

Our Values

  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient in our service rendition.
  • We promote honesty, integrity and transparancy in all we do.
  • We encourgae innovation to meet chalenges.
  • We foster an evironment of collaborate.


“It’s flattering to observe spirited flowers and plants flirt.  In their own time they all do.”

-Sharmy Low